And You Do What?

Kernel of Wisdom teaches mindfulness meditation for real life. We help the hippie stuff make sense by teaching mindfulness that is grounded in research and applicable as part of a modern, western lifestyle. If “what the heck is Mindfulness Meditation?” was the next question that came to mind, you might want to go here.

If you’ve heard of mindfulness before, amazing!  In that case, let’s hope you’re here because you want to learn how to do it, or because you aren’t sure how to deepen your practice, or because you want to keep expanding your practice.  Kernel of Wisdom offers a whack of mindfulness meditation classes on a whole slew of topics such as reducing stress, enhancing your intuition, improving your performance at work or helping you to let go.  Plus, we’ll keep it fun – incorporating drumming, art or other techniques (only if you want to) to help you dig deeper and learn amazing things about yourself.